BREEDWELL Blue Glow Jockstrap System

Glow Jockstrap SystemSmall Fits 28”-30” waist Medium Fits 31-32” Waist Large Fits 33-34” Waist X- Large – Fits 35”-36” Waist
Between 2 to 5 weeks
 Shipped within 2 weeks time


Glow Jockstrap System Light up your stuff!The Jockstrap system comes in 2 parts. The LED legstraps and the waistband in your size. The default pouch is made from black fabric!You can add a Glow Pouch, that you can find in out store! (You have to order them seperately, the default pouch is non LED!) Then it will highlight your package too!Jockstrap base is machine washable after the LED light are removed.It comes with 3 light modes - solid, slow pulse and fast pulse.Fully recharges in 2 hours, the battery life after that is 6-20 hours depending on the mode. Do not overcharge as it weakens the battery over time!USB charging cables included!
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